My Mission

A Gentle Lady

Christopher Columbus could discover a new world simply by strolling through the city streets with a turtle on a leash. Instead of the turtle I started bringing a camera. So the space around me suddenly doubled (the time, however, unfortunately has halved). By day I catch the light, at night I bring with me a small stockpile of it in the form of pictures. In the silence and darkness, shapes emerge from the light, and finally take the shape of photography. Since I began to photograph, the instant has become my prey. Photography is a fierce celebration of life. The camera is a gentle lady who claims to be loved because she can give birth to another life. At the same time it takes and gives. Ever since I started looking at the world with her eyes, a little miracle happens every day under my eyes. utilizza cookie tecnici per fornire un corretto funzionamento del sito web ed anche di terze parti. Accetta il loro utilizzo per usufruire di tutte le funzioni del sito. Ulteriori Informazioni

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