About my work

The space around me


When I phptograph kids is like I photograph myself. Because the photographer’s look is the look that discover the world for the very first time. I always thought that the child’s condition is the one nearest to the creation’s perfection, and since my photography is a constant search of this essential primitive perfection, they are one of my favorite subject.


Performers are one of my favourite subject. I like to catch the tension, the fluid passing through their hands before has arrived to the audience, the music while passing through their body, the crucial moment of the public performance.


The shadows are one of the steady component in my photographic research. The shapes suggested by the light’s lack complete the reality’s structures, suggesting the posibility of an invisible existance’s quality, hide to the eye. The photographer should be able to catch it in order to add a dimension to his picture.


I’m not consider myself a realy street photographer, even if great part of my pictures can be considered street photography. I like shooting in the open air and for this reason the street is one of my favourite set. I like to catch the photogram’s instant with the chance’s complicity.


I like to inquire into the landscape around me looking for two things that I consider necessary in (my) life: poetry and humour. I look for them everywhere, trying to catch them with my camera.


Most of my pictures are black and white. This is not a chance. I choose it because I think this is the proper tool for the essential shape’s research, the main motivation of my photography. I prefer colour layout when I realize that the colours are an essential part of the photograme. But in my opinion, this is only an apparent difference.

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