About me

My talisman

Born in Rome in 1968, where I always have been living and from I always try to run away. I was gradueted at the lyceum T, Tasso. First test with the photography, specially with black and white, date back to those years. Than I registered to the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy in Rome, where I graduated in 1994 (in the 1991 was born my first doughter). The first test with creative writing (specially poetry) date back to those years. I carried on with my studies with phd studies at Rome University “La Sapienza” in Slavic languages and Literatures. I begun working as translator and interpreter, than arrived other two doughters. Few years ago, before leaving for a travel with my family, I bought a little digital camera. Than, a little sport injury forced me to stop any sport activity. The doctors suggested walk as much as possible. My intermittent work allowed me to do so. I started bringing always with me my camera, as a little talisman. I begun to look around me through my camera and finally I discover a brand new world. Than, sharing my picture with social media, I realized that I was able not only to express myself, but also to comunicate and making undestandable my word to other people. Since than, the research of the essential shape and the clearnes has been converted in my personal obsession.

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